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How to Make My Shoes Look New Again

How to Make My Shoes Look New Again

How do I make my shoes look new again? This is a common question asked by many, and if your mind is bagging you with the same question, this article is your answer. No one wants to wear shoes that look old. So, if you're going to wear something that looks new, do you have to go to the store and get yourself a new pair every day? I don’t think so.

One thing you should note is that you don’t need magic or superpowers to keep your shoes looking new. You’d be surprised by the simple things you need to do. Below are some of the must-do things for you to accomplish this desire:

  1. Clean Your Shoes the Right Way

Washing shoes is an activity that seems so easy and straightforward until you do it and discover otherwise. You can wash your shoes, thinking you are keeping them look good but, in turn, end up doing damage to them. So, how do you do it and ensure they maintain their shape and good condition? Below is a simple tutorial on how to do it.

  1. Remove the laces from the shoes.
  2. Scrub off the excess dirt by using a soft brush or knocking the shoe soles together.
  3. Spot clean your shoes using a damp towel.
  4. If all the stains are not removed by spot cleaning, do a deep clean by dipping a soft brush in warm water and then pouring some detergent on it. Then scrub your shoe gently until all the stains are gone.
  5. Rinse your shoes, but in this step, avoid using water directly. Instead, remove the excess suds and soap using a microfiber towel.
  6. Use the steps above to clean the mid-sole.
  7. Wash your laces by scrubbing them or by machine washing.
  8. Finally, after everything is clean, leave the shoes to dry overnight.


  1. Use Sneaker Spray

Spraying your shoes with a sneaker spray gives them a good coating that will keep them waterproof and stain resistant.  


  1. Get a Sneaker Shield & Sneaker Tree.

A sneaker shield crease protector protects and prevents your shoes from forming creases that make them look very old and worn out. Use one whilst you walk for a guaranteed crease free life!

It’s also important to ensure your shoes keep its shape. Use a sneaker tree by placing the trees inside your shoes overnight to remove current creases and make your shoes go back to its original shape.


  1. Proper Storage

You may follow all the points explained above, but if you do not store your shoes well, all your other efforts will be in vain. The best place to store them is in storage boxes. Ensure to buy a UV protective storage box to prevent your shoes from discolouring.

In conclusion, you do not have to spend your bucks every time you want a new wear. You can still have your old sneakers on but looking as new as you bought them. All you need to do is follow the guidelines explained in this article, and your shoes will look new again.

How to stop your air forces or trainer creasing?

How to stop your air forces or trainer creasing?

How to prevent creases on shoes?

Tired of creasing your trainers when walking? Not to worry! With this blog and our product, ‘Sneaker-Shield’ you will never have to buy the same trainers again due to creasing! Yes – even the Air Force 1’s.  This blog will show you how it is possible.

Removing existing creases and making your trainers crease-proof:

Step 1: Begin by removing your laces from both trainers and stick a towel inside the trainer and make sure to make it fit tightly!

Step 2: Using the same shoe, damp another towel (you will need to make sure it’s the same design/colour as your trainers) – now place the damp towel on top of the trainer(s) and get ready to iron out your current creases!

Step 3: Put your damp towel on top of the crease area and get your iron heated!

Step 4: Begin placing your heated iron over the crease and go in circular motions

A quick note: Whilst ironing out the creases – place the towel accordingly to make sure you never iron on top of a dry towel.

Now that your trainers are no longer creased and you want to stop them from creasing again, purchase a pair of our Sneaker-Shields – Buy yours today!


This technique works great in removing creases from Air Forces, Vans, Leather Shoes, Jordan’s, Converses – to be fair they work on all shoes or trainers which crease!

Our story:

Sneaker Shields was introduced into the world by two Sneaker Freaks. This was made to make sure your trainers continue looking fresh without having to spend money on buying them again and again! For someone wearing expensive Louboutin’s / Giuseppe’s / Air Forces / Vans / Converses / Balenciaga’s – (pretty much every trainer/shoe).  If you are suffering from existing creases, please click on our ‘remove existing creases blog’.

What is a Sneaker Shield?

Sneaker Shields come in pairs of two per each order – this is for 1 trainer each.  The shields are used to stop your new trainers from creasing in any way!

Place these into your trainers and feel nothing. The sneaker shield is extremely simple to install – follow the steps below (this should be a 30 second process)

The sneaker shield is affordable, comfortable and durable. Customers tend to buy one Sneaker Shield for each trainer; however we have some customers who only buy one and switch between them, both ideas are great, one for convenience and also saving the cost of buying more.

We offer multipack options for our Sneaker Freaks / Trainer Heads to save the cost and also use on all your trainers at once!


Why do people use Sneaker Shield?

Our customers use sneaker shields to avoid their trainers from creasing. This helps the customer from buying the same trainer again and again due to the creasing nature.  This stops creases in all kinds of trainers and our customers always come back buying more for each trainer: In addition to this, we know our customers want their delivery fast, so we offer Next Day Delivery on all shields, also Lifetime warranty to make sure no customers are left with creases.

How to install a sneaker shield:




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