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How to deep clean your sneakers

How to deep clean your sneakers


How to deep clean your sneakers

If you care about the way your sneakers look, you’ll need to invest in a good shoe cleaner that will keep them looking their best, whether you like them to look box fresh or prefer the lived-in look.

A good sneaker cleaner will remove marks, scuffs and stains and restore the look of your shoes without causing any discolouration.

There is a range of shoe cleaners available on the market and some come with a cleaning brush that will be gentle on most fabrics.

The simplest solution when it comes to finding the best sneaker cleaner, are wipes. Individually packed and portable, you can use them on your shoes as soon as they get marked. The double-sided Sneaker Wipes by Sneaker Shield, can be used for general cleaning and have a textured side for more stubborn stains.

When it comes to keeping your sneakers clean, nothing works better than pre-emptive measures. Use our Sneaker Spray to keep your shoes clean and prolong their life. The spray creates a barrier that repels liquids and prevents stains and it works on canvas, nubuck and suede.

The best sneaker cleaner on the market is always a wise investment, but you can also clean and protect your trainers with things that are readily available in most homes. With any of these methods, always test on a small area first, preferably one that is not visible.

Use washing powder

  1. Before you start to clean your trainers, remove the laces
  2. Dampen a cloth with lukewarm water, wring it out and apply to the areas of the show that need cleaning
  3. Mix some washing powder with hot water in a bowl to form a paste
  4. Apply this to your sneaker and work on stains with a circular motion
  5. Repeat until the stain has gone and wipe the sneaker with a clean cloth

Apply toothpaste

  1. Apply toothpaste (white only!) to the shoe with a toothbrush
  2. Leave for 10 minutes
  3. Wipe with a damp cloth
The power of vinegar and baking soda (rubber and canvas only)
  1. Make a paste with one tablespoon of white vinegar, one of hot water and another of baking soda
  2. Apply to the shoe
  3. Remove with lukewarm water and allow to dry

When to use the washing machine

It is never advisable to put leather or suede trainers in the washing machine, but nylon or canvas sneakers will wash well (don't put them in the washing machine if they are embellished with delicate materials such as sequins). Take the laces out, place them with the shoes in a mesh laundry bag and use a delicate cold cycle (no spin) with a tablespoon of liquid detergent. 



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