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The Sneaker Package

The “Sneaker-Shield” Package for your trainers:

At Sneaker-Shield we have accessories for each stage of your Trainer.

Starting with our best seller “Sneaker Shield” this protects your trainers from creasing, these are mainly used in Nike Air Forces, Jordans, Giuseppe’s - in shoes which crease in the toe box area. This ensures your shoes look fresh from the very beginning to the end whilst being comfortable when doing so.

Once you have taken off your trainers, bring out your Sneaker Trees and simply place them into the shoe to stretch your sneaker back to its original state. It’s a 5 second task for a lifetime of style.

Place your trainers into our Sneaker Storage Boxes to make your Custom Air Forces, Yeezy’s or any else stand out even more, whilst protecting them. Our Sneaker Storage Boxes are stackable, the layout is customisable and best of all the highest quality.