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Sneaker Floating Levitation Display

Sneaker Levitation Display - Sneaker Shield

Sneaker Floating Levitation Display


The Sneaker Levitating Display shoe stand gives the user the ability to showcase modern footwear in a never before seen manner.

Available in Black & White 

Includes  Sneaker Levitation Display, Electric Weighing Scale, U.K. Adapter, Manual, Magnet, Flannelette Bag, 5 Weighted Balls

The use of an electromagnetic current which courses through your desired footwear item allows it to suspend in mid air.

With a small air flow your desired footwear item will continue to levitate and spin as long as power is connected.

In the case of a power outage the display has a specially integrated feature whereby your desired footwear item will remain magnetised and not fall and damage.

A unique manner of display created and designed by sneaker lovers for sneaker lovers.

Watch your shoe fly.

Trainers not included.

**The Sneaker-Shield logo at the bottom will not be included in the product unless requested**

*This product qualifies for FREE U.K. Next Day Delivery*