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Sneaker Crate Storage Box

Sneaker Crate Storage Box - Sneaker Shield

Sneaker Crate Storage Box


Sneaker Storage Boxes are the perfect accessory to use at the end of the day once you have removed your trainers and want your collection to stand out.

Assembled Size: L x W x H: 36 x 29 x 22 cm

Fits up to U.K. Size 14! 

  • Sleek and premium storage boxes
  • Magnetic
  • UV protection panels which prevent sunlight discolouration
  • Drop-Front with magnetic closing feature for easy access when stacked
  • Dust free storage

Practicality without sacrificing aesthetics?

Every Sneaker Crate Box is stackable and features an interlocking design, allowing you to save valuable shoe storage space and get creative. Build towers or walls of shoes without ever worrying about weight; each Crate is designed to be stable and sturdy.

At SneakerShield we understand the craze behind each and every sneaker around the world. We also know that our crazy Sneaker Fans have way too many shoes and we understand, even 12 - our largest pack is not enough!

If you are interested in purchasing in higher volumes than 12 please contact us via the contact us page requesting bulk pricing! 

    *This product qualifies for FREE U.K. Next Day Delivery*